12th August 2015

'Another malicious attack'

"Trying to stop nurses, care workers, teaching assistants, hospital cleaners and town hall staff from paying their union subs directly from their wages is an attack we’ve defeated before and one which we will overcome again.

"It is yet another malicious attack from a government determined to deny ordinary working people a voice at work.

"But it's an attack we expected, and one we’ve seen off before..."

Dave Prentis


UNISON Cymru/Wales is today (28 Nov) calling on all MPs and AMs across Wales to publicly support the 2014/15 local government pay claim. The call comes as the first stage of the 2014/15 local government ‘Fair Deal’ pay campaign which is being launched today.

Local government wages have dropped by 18 per cent in real terms since 2010 as a result of increased living costs, a three year pay freeze, and a below inflation 1 per cent salary increase this year.

Dominic MacAskill, UNISON Cymru/Wales head of local government, said:

“In our view, the ongoing pay situation in local government is just not sustainable and is driving people deeper into poverty.

“It is impossible to justify paying any workers below the living wage. Paying poverty pay is basically sending a message to the workforce that they do not deserve an acceptable standard of living.

“Nor does it make economic sense to continue to pay such low wages. Better pay means higher rates of tax and national insurance income for the Treasury and makes far more sense than the tax payer subsidising those on low pay through in-work benefit claims.

“Our members understand that this claim comes at a time when Westminster is pushing ahead with an unprecedented austerity programme, but this claim is affordable.

“By recycling savings and the additional tax revenue into local government, the pay claim we are proposing would be paid for.

“Our message is a simple one – the status quo cannot continue. Local government in Wales has already experienced a loss of over 8,000 jobs, but services have been relatively unaffected.

“This means one thing – that local government workers are doing more for less.

“It is time for politicians to represent the needs of the local government workforce who are not only their constituents but also work tirelessly to deliver public services to their entire constituency, which is why we are calling on all Welsh AMs and MPs to support our pay claim.”


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21 February 2013 - Dave Prentis, general secretary

The ongoing meat scandal has shown how profits and cost cutting cannot be allowed to come before the safety of the public.

This week, the head of Iceland supermarkets has pointed the finger at schools and hospitals, blaming them for "driving down" food quality to reduce costs.

When schools and hospitals are facing massive budget cuts, and are struggling to maintain the integrity of their services, to blame them for a crisis borne out of the need to make profits at any cost is a gross misinterpretation of the facts.

People have the right to know what is in their food; schools and hospitals are not responsible for the practices of food production companies who have acted irresponsibly - and possibly criminally - in the pursuit of profits.

UNISON's members in meat hygiene work hard to protect the public, but without proper investment and support, it is likely the latest meat crisis will not be the last.


REGIONAL PAY - 18th July 2012

A message from Dave Prentis,
UNISON general secretary

LGPS 2014 - Negotiations completed: time to have your say

I am pleased to tell you that after months of tough negotiations, the proposals for the LGPS from 2014 have been signed off by ministers for consultation.

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Dave Prentis

UNISON general secretary
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